Lowest Gas Price in Canada

In a global strapped economy, many people are looking for ways to save more money. 

In Canada, less people traveling by vehicle has decreased the demand for gas and significantly reduced the price when compared to earlier in the year. 

In fact, Covid-19 is responsible for Canadian gas prices hitting a five year low.

Where To Find The Lowest Gas Prices In Canada

1. Alberta
71.9 (Costco)

2. British Columbia
87.9 (7-Eleven)

3. Manitoba
78.9 (Shell)

4. New Brunswick
77.9 (Costco)

5. Newfoundland
87.9 (Costco)

6. Nova Scotia
74.9 (Wilsons)

7. Quebec
80.9 (Harnois)

Canadian's are paying cheaper by the litre for gasoline. 

According to Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/gas-prices/, "gas prices went down by 17% around the globe." 

With no certainly on economic stability and fewer people on the road, every province in Canada can expect to save more money at the pump.