Haji Ali Agariya Carrom Board Price

TikTok is getting buzz in this current set of time. The lip-syncing application brings out many names and personas all over the world, including in India. Namely, Haji Ali Agariya a.k.a Carrom King. The man who shot out popularity due to his TikTok antics gets another wave of popularity due to his followers' curiosity about his Carrom board price. How much is it? here is what to know. 

Who Is This Man?

Carrom King might be one of the famous TikTok users in India. However, Haji Ali Agariya got that nickname, not for a joke. He is one of the kings of the Carrom game. He got the skill and gift in playing the game. At some point, he shows that talent from the TikTok apps and gets more recognition for it. Till now, he is known for his exploits in maneuvering the carrom strikers. 

With his skills and unique interest in the game, he makes carom gain popularity once again. He creates many videos that show interesting layouts and pathways on the board. Just like Billiards, he was able to make the goal by doing the Carrom board trick. With a tad bit of joke and fun video as a spice, he gains more than 5M followers in TikTok. 

What Kind Of Game Is Carrom Board? 

The game is very similar to billiard, pool, or snooker. It has the same principle, in which the player should knock the striker and score the goal in the holes. But this game is mostly played by two to four players. What makes it different is the simple materials that are made of slippery acrylic strikers on top of a wooden board. You will use your finger to flick the striker. 

How Much It Cost? 

Since it gained more popularity on Tiktok, many people started to gain interest in this simple game. In a matter of fact, there are more tournaments, competitions, clubs, and products out there. The popularity even reaches the UK. The price depends on the materials and their size. The normal board is mostly sold for Rs. 600. But you can also get the bigger and better one for more than Rs. 5,400. 

All in all, one popular personality in a certain social media can take a whole new internet buzz just by making their follower curious. In this case, the Carrom King shows his fondness for the Carrom board game. Make people curious about how good it is and wanted to buy it. The price is affordable, which is around $8 to more than $70. Interested? You can get it from many online shops.