Haji Ali Agariya Carrom Board Price

Most popularly known as Carrom King in India, Haji Ali Agariya get his popularity through social media like lip-syncing application which we called TikTok.

There are 5.7M+ of his followers on its application, which make him is so popular and becomes one of the popular TikTok stars in that country.

For you who don’t know yet about what Carrom is, Carrom is a board game which usually be played by two until four players against each other.

This game principles are so similar with snooker, pool or billiards.

You must use all of your determination, skill and a little bit of luck to win this game against your opponent.

In India, Carrom Board is usually made from wood material although pieces and acrylic strikers are often used too.

Because it getting bigger in its popular nowadays, Carrom has becoming competitions and also tournaments with big prizes.

More than that, you can find Carrom Clubs too who facilitate you to be able to meet others players and socialize.

Now, you can find this club’s game not only in India, but also exist in UK.

If you are interested about this board game, you can choose one of many Carrom Boards that available in India.

The price itself is highly varied depended on its size, material quality and others factors.

The range of the Carrom Boards price are usually around Rs. 600 or $7.88 to Rs. 5,400 or $70.89.

You can check the price of your Carrom Board’s favorite on many online shops such as Khelmart or Flipkart.