Cellex Stock Price

Cellex Biosciences Inc is an organization that offers cell processing products to the healthcare and biotechnology industries all over the world.

The company's products entail perfusion technology, freeze dryers, and tank cells.

Cellex has become the first organization to gain FDA Emergency Use Authorization to provide serology testing kits for COVID-19.

The Corona Virus pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide and because of its constant widespread, there have been limited test kits all over the world.

Authorization to use the Cellex test kit not only allows healthcare providers to see if a patient has Coronavirus but it also identifies if the patient had the virus in the past.

Because of this authorization, the Cellex stock price is going up.

The serology test kit stock prices have risen by 75% for the biggest healthcare providers, an implication that Cellex serology stock prices are estimated to rise by at least 75%.

The increasing demand for serology test kits implies a constant increase in Cellex's stock prices.