Cobas 8800 Price

Created by Roche brand, Cobas 8800 is available in Europe and other countries that accept its CE marking for medical devices.

This tool is granted by “Emergency Use Authorization” from The U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the test.

The Cobas 8800 version of Roche is capable to test 4,128 patients every day.

The testing process that Cobas 8800 can do is crucial to stem the spread of Corona Virus today.

The reason of that is because this tool allows you and or health care workers to identify the infected people also quarantined them even if that people are not experiencing any symptoms.

It can potentially reduce the number of infections and also buy time for drug makers to come up with a vaccine or better treatments.

For your information, this systems can test patients about 10 times faster than any other Roche tools and give test results within four hours.

With this useful tool, it plays important role for testing people.

If you are curious about how it works, the Cobas 8800 test is analyzed nucleic acids extracted from your patients saliva or mucus.

Then, compare them against sequences which is found in Corona Virus strains.

Cobas 8800 Price

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Remember to keep in your mind that there is no returns for its product, but it can be backed by eBay Money back guarantee.

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