Puregold Grocery Price List 2020

If you are looking for the best groceries products for you and your family, of course you must find it at the best place. 

Choosing this place will be difficult and confuse at the same time because you want to try your best. 

The ideal place for that is the place that has the best quality, variety of products so you can choose and compare one item with another item at the same place, and also the vary of its price ranges. 

One the best place that you must know in Philippine is Puregold.

Founded by Chinese Filipino businessman in 1998, Lucio Co, Puregold already has many branch of supermarkets nationwide. 

Now, this chain of supermarket grown with more than 300 stores entire Philippine.


Puregold Grocery Price List 2020

There are many groceries that you can find in Puregold. 

You can see some example of those items and prices (in Peso) in Pricerices website below:

  • Foods or snacks such as Bread (P 58), Bread Sticks (P 19.90), Soup Knorr, Crab and Corn Instant Volume 60g with only P 43.80 while Mushroom Canned 400g (P 46.20), and Canned Fish only P 17.25
  • Soap or Detergent like Laundry Detergent Volume 2 kg with price around P 1,545 and Fabric Softener for P 115.40
  • Perfume like Puregold Essential Oils with variably prices from P 450 until P 2,379
  • Drinks such as Coffee (P 60.45), Coffee Creamer (P 47), Instant Tea with Milk Powder only P 36.40, Milk-Tetra Cowhead 1 Litre (P 67.95), Juice-Tetra 235 mL for P 11.80 only, Milk-Tetra Soy Fresh 1 Litre ( P 45), and even Jack Daniels 1 Litre for P 1,545

Furthermore, another famous online shopping companion website like iPrice also sell many groceries from Puregold. 

Those items are like bath & body oils, essential oils or hair care treatment. 

Some of those products are:

  • With prices P 450.00 – P 500.00, you can buy many puregold essential oils like Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Breathe Blend (for P 450.00), and Rosemart (P 489.00).
  • You can get Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender, Lemon, and Cedarwood Essential Oils around P 528.00.
  • For prices P 605.00 – P 682.00, Vanilla and Juniper Berry (P 605.00) are already walking into your bag while you can choose Thuja or Carrot Seed too, if you have a little bit Peso around P 628.00 only.
  • Rose, Bergamot, and New Caledonia Sandalwood are so amazing with only P 682.00.
  • If you love chamomile scents so much or something like that, try Roman Chamomile 100% Natural with only P 759.00. With the same price, you can get Ylang Ylang too.
  • However, if you like jasmine scents more, get Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil with price only P 836.00. You can get Calamus and Neroli Essential oil 100% Natural with the same price.
  • Up to P 1,000.00, Fenugreek (P 1,068.00) and Spikenard (P 1,376.00) are the best for your amazing day. Of course Agarwood (P 2,379.00) with its natural blending can make your day is a pretty calm day.

If you want to see and find more Puregold products, try to find it by using their new app, “Puregold Mobile”. 

This app is free to download, easy to use and very user-friendly. 

Surely, it is available for both Apple Users and Android Users. 

So, you can find it on Apple Stores or Google Play Store. 

Download it right away and start searching products that you want. 

Make sure that you have a compatible Puregold store in your home’s area.