Kinsa Stock Price

Kinsa Inc. is a public health company that very dedicated to provide the knowledge, guidance, and tools to make communities stay healthy.

Kinsa’s missions itself are trying all of their best to help individuals for accessing appropriate care early right immediately when they fall ill, to help communities respond about the spread of illness, also to track and predict the spread of infectious illness in real-time.

To do those missions, Kinsa has already designed, developed and offered health application software.

Their application is very multi-function because this is not only give fast and accurate temperature readings for every people (or we can call it smart thermometers) but also give you real-time health data, illness triage and predictive modeling.

Kinsa’s health application software is very easy to use because it is well informed, well guided, and well connected.

For giving you the best result, Kinsa uses your age, fever and symptoms to help you understand when and how to soothe the symptom, take your medicines or call your doctor.

Kinsa’s application software also help you to triage your illness right immediately when you get sick, connect you to information center and care providers for you to nearby medical facilities.

Furthermore, it also can connect you to the products and services that you need, right immediately when you need the application.

Because of their famous and multi-function app, according to their summary metrics from Craft, Kinsa has raised USD 29.2 m in total funding.

Their investors are variants like Kleiner Perkins, Andy Palmer, Daniel Curran, Arab Angel Fund, Venture Capital and many more.

If you are interested with Kinsa’s health application, you can go to their website directly:

On their website, you can buy and get the information about their consumer products such as Kinsa’s app, thermometers, health weather map and also symptoms guidance.

More than that, you can get the information too about their product price right after you contact them.