Delite Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

After corona virus spreads globally, some items like mask and hand sanitizer are the most looking for products by many people in every country around the world.

In Pakistan for example, Delite Hand Sanitizer is one of the best hand sanitizer ever which can be used before and after doing your daily life activities.

This aromatic antibacterial product will protect you and your family from harmful gems that causing common diseases and infections.

According to the website, they are claimed to be the product that can eliminate 99.9% germs and bacteria.

More than that, its enchanting fragrance can improve your skin care and make your hands more softness than before because Delite Hand Sanitizer has an extra moisturizers than other similar products.

Delite Hand Sanitizer Price

If you are interested to try this product, there are many variants that you can buy such as Delite Rose, Delite Lemon, Delite Apple, Delite Berry, Delite Calm and Delite Pleasure.

For the volume itself, choose between 60 mL or 250 mL volume.

In Pakistan, you can buy Delite Hand Sanitizer in several famous online shops like King Chemical Corporation or Daraz.

In the King Chemical Corporation web, there are Delite Hand Sanitizer 60 mL and 250 mL that you can choose, while in Daraz online, only Delite Apple Sanitizer 60 mL that provides to buy.

The price of Delite Hand Sanitizer in King Chemical Corporation web only can be existed if you click “Buy Now” option directly.

But in Daraz Mall online, you can see the price directly.

So, for Delite Apple Sanitizer 60 mL, the price of this product is Rs. 94 or about USD 0.59 in Daraz.

Furthermore, if you want to choose another online shop, you can try Chase Value Centre.

In this online shop, you can get Delite Hand Wash Milk and Honey 400 mL if it still provides and hasn’t sold out yet.