Cleene Ethyl Alcohol 500mL Price

Contains 70% ethyl alcohol in its packing, Cleene Ethyl Alcohol can kill 99.9% of germs that can harm your body.

This product is general for home and hospital use as cleanser, disinfectant and general antiseptic so you don’t need to worry anymore about its safety.

More than that, Cleene Ethyl Alcohol also can be used as sponge bath or massage, insect bites and for relief of prickly heat too.

For your information, each of 100 mL liquid in its product contains 73.34 mL of 95.45% ethyl alcohol.

Although its contain alcohol, but the ingredients of this product is from natural source (sugar cane) and refreshing cologne scent.

So, surprisingly, if you smell it, you can’t catch alcohol smell from Cleene itself.

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol 500 mL Price

You can get this product without need to go to offline shop.

Through several famous online shops, Cleene Ethyl Alcohol will come into your house as soon as you order it.

For example, in homeshop website, you can get this product only 70.70 in Peso Philippine or $1.40.

In Lazada, you can buy it with a little bit more expensive price: around 217.00 in Peso Philippine or $4.30.

But, if you want to buy it in another online shop, you can try Watsons.

In this online shop, the price of Cleene Ethyl Alcohol 500 mL is only 65.75 in Peso Philippine or 1.30 in USA Dollar.