Wasp Nest Price New Horizons

Tired of wasps while you are sitting innocently under the tree and shaking it for the money?

Or getting stung by wasps while you are chopping one of tree branches for wood?

Don’t need to worry, because this guide will help you to do the best method for catching them every time you play on Animal Crossing: New Horizons game.

As you know, the wasp is one of the aggressive insect that can be found all day and all year also can sting your character if they are provoked.

May be it doesn’t have any serious consequences if you are getting stung by them but it will be so annoying.

So, it so hard to avoid this bug on your island.

For that, luckily, there are some good ways that you can do if you want to catch and deal with them.

Those methods are:

  • Knock a wasp net out of a tree. For that, you must shake the tree while you are doing you’re your daily chores.
  • Before shaking the tree for money, make sure that you have your bug net in your hand.
  • Approach that tree from the front side and then you can shake it by press “A”.
  • Your character will turn and face the wasps automatically every time the wasp nest falls out.
  • Do not move and remember to hit “A” as soon as your character on that game recovers from shock.
  • Finally, you catch the wasps.

Although you know about those good methods, try to don’t forget about some of these tips.

First, shake the tree from an odd angle, not from back.

Second, from that angle, you can have a good chance to shake the tree again accidentally.

Third, hit the tree with your net too.

Fourth, while you get wood from hitting tree, wasps will drop so be sure to shake the non-fruit tree before you are gathering wood.

For your information, you will be missed the opportunity to find several hundred bells and a daily free item if you are not shaking the tree in there.

More than that, if you want to selling wasps and crafting, you can sell them to Timmy and Tommy or Nook’s Cranny.

There are 2,500 Bells a pop that you can get from them.

But, if you can wait for the bug-loving visitor Flick, you can get price with 3,750 Bells each.

Along with that, you can use wasp nests too for crafting medicine.

You can learn how to make that medicine if you meet a villager with a swollen face.