MHR Clinic Prices

Hair damage and hair loss problems are probably conditions that humans cannot stay away from. To give the solutions, you can go to the hair treatments clinic. You might have heard about the MHR clinic, which is one of the famous medical solutions for hair. It is also known for several football player names as their happy customers. Interested? Here is what you should know.

Who Are They?

MHR stands for medical hair restoration clinic that is based in Manchester. The clinic is called the specialist in treating hair loss problems to the hair restoration process. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that the clinic is loved by many football players. It's all for reasons, that they employ world-renowned surgeons to perform many successful procedures.

What do They Offer?

With world-renowned surgeons in their hands, you can tell that the specialist worker in this clinic is not a joke. You can also check out their official website that is filled with many constructive and positive testimonies. Each of them states that the procedure was successful and makes the patients satisfied with the job.

The exemplary client care is pretty much top-notch. Either before, during, and after, you will be the king. You can also get a lot of treatments to offer to suit your needs. You can get All hair treatments, hair transplants using FUE or FUT hair, get some hair loss shampoos or lotions, and ask for a prescription using herbal medicine. 

The Price Tag

Surprisingly, as one of the renowned clinics, the MHR Clinic Prices is okay. The bill will depend on your treatment and hair condition. But all of the hair restoration services are started with an affordable tag. You can get the transplant cost starting from £1600. That will be the starting price and can get higher determined by the number of follicles. 

You can get a clear idea of the total fee once the clinic conducted the examination. So, you don't need to worry about scam practices. The clinic also provides or offers laser and herbal medicine to further cut the final cost. On the other hand, the FUT procedure will involve graft implementation. The starting price for a FUT transplant is £2000. 

All in all, you can underline that the MHR clinic is one of the known hair treatment specialists. The clinic itself offers numerous treatments such as hair transplant, therapy, hair treatment, to herbal medicines. Since there are many good testimonials, it is safe to say that the quality is warranted. For the price itself, it starts as little as £1600 depending on your hair conditions.