Hulu Price Increase Backlash

The trend of cord-cut service has been increasingly popular in recent years. Streaming services that heavily rely on its subscription service by paying some fees are currently a popular market. But one shocking buzz in late 2020 is the Hulu price increase backlash. The notification shocked users, thus considering to back on cable TV.


Hulu is one of the famous streaming services that provide cord-cut services. The TV programs are meant for exclusive services with its live TV bundle. The said package offers more than 65 live channels with exclusive access to the content library. It also includes ads, but the previous price tag is 10 USD lower than the other streaming services.

That facts makes Hulu appear as the most favorable streaming service in the past days. It event has over 36 million subscribers as of November 2020. The number of users peaked up at the start of the covid-19 pandemic. The cost is pretty much stable for the year, even though Hulu has been giving a price increase 3 times.

The Increase And Backlash Effect

So, how much of an increase was it that it made a backlash? The answer is $10 for all of its live television bundles. The announcement comes out in September 2020 and will be applied from December 2020. The official email from Hulu points out that there will be an increase of 10 dollars from the standard live TV package.

The changes of $10 are hard to swallow. It is especially when people consider the standard bundle will be $64.99 including ads. On the other hand, the non-ads bundle will reach up to $70.99. Of course, that wasn't the first time Hulu increased the monthly bill. In Feb 2019 the subscription fee increased by $5, while in December 2019 it upped again by $10.

What makes people upset is the fact that the price is now the same as the Youtube TV subscription. At the same time, there are no changes from Hulu service. There are no additional perks, many complaints are unfixed, and difficult to reach the channel. It just gets more expensive. There are many responses, including back to cable Tv or stopping the subscription.

It is interesting to see that this particular market is pretty competitive. The increase of the Hulu price has created uproar which makes people think twice about cord-cut service. Especially when many streaming services such as Disney+ and Youtube have the same rate in the current years. So, is the $64,99 worth for your TV? The answer is in your hands.