Hulu Price Increase Backlash

Hulu Live price increase has taken internet by storm.

Hulu announced that the price of Hulu+ Live TV is increased from $44.99 to $54.99 per month.

The new rate has already kicked off since Dec 18 as soon as Disney´s launched new streaming service Disney +.

However Hulu said that this updated price better reflect the services it gives.

For your information, Disney´s streaming service does not include Live TV.

Hulu has several plans that would best suit each customer.

For instance, a less expensive Hulu plan on-demand can be chosen for seasonal program like college football.

Customers can also subscribe for a few months during election to watch the news.

The price increase notification has been announced on Reddit.

And users have flooded the comment sections with pros and cons about the increase.

Some have expected this to happen sooner or later while some feel disappointed, thinking that it´s a ridiculous thing.

However, with the price increase and better service, the TV streaming without commercials is still an interesting plan.

Hulu was launched in 2008 – a premium streaming service that offers the latest shows from TV, movies, etc. without ads which has been rocketing ever since.