Fisher Price Controller Hack

A ridiculous yet amusing discovery can come from many unexpected objects. In this case, the internet has been blown away by the news of fun little easter eggs in children's toys. In particular, the fisher price controller somehow adds a fun surprise for the old generation Konami gamers. It contains a hack sequence for old Konami that comes out as a secret song. Here is the detail.

What Is a Fisher Price Controller?

If you don't know what Fisher's price controller is, it's just a kid toy in the shape of a joystick. The American toy manufacturer creates the Fisher-price as a toy controller that also resembles the Xbox one controller. It is also designed with colorful design models plus fun education addition in it. 

Even though it mostly resembles the game controller, kids can get many educational topics from its quirky design. The navigation button has numbers 1 to 4 that spouts audio upon pressing it. The action button also has different shapes such as star, circle, square, and stars with alphabets in different colors. There is also a toggle button for music and other interactive play. 

Mostly, the fun joystick means stimulating children or baby cognitive and motor development. Each button will show different information by grasping, spinning, clicking, or sliding them. It features fun audio, phrases, and songs that also help children's coordination plus partial cognition. However, it also has a fun little secret in it. 

What kind of hack? 

Chris scullion, a games journalist, takes an interesting idea by putting the old Konami code in it. It was up - up, down - down, left-right, left-right, and B – A. From the quirky idea, the journalist found the code did have triggers interesting responses. Upon inputting the code, the smile stickered joystick eventually triggers several game songs and says You win!

 Apparently, the Fisher-price company doesn't want to leave out the parent from having fun. The code itself brings a big throwback effect for the old Konami console eras. The code itself refers to the old war Konami game called Contra. Nonetheless, the code is not only bringing joy for the Konami players but it is also still going strong with it being an unexpected easter egg. 

All in all, the old typical cheat probably one of the most beloved tricks for the old Konami console. It used to be a secret cheat for contra games that are also popular in the current pop culture reference. This addition to the kid's toys throw back many parents for the old time. Some even enjoy the Easter eggs and buy just to reminiscence the fun old Konami code.